I’m Losing My Edge

It’s only nine days until I turn 30. At that point I will be forced to do my closest impression of an adult. I could start wearing a tie again. I’ve been trying to write something about growing old all afternoon, but this is all that I could get down.

The only part of hangovers that I actually dislike is when my heart pounds and pounds.

Time to get my shit together and head off to Saint Cloud. I’m going to get revenge on my liver for some crimes that I will make up on the way. I don’t need justification.

2 Responses to “I’m Losing My Edge ”

  1. Paul said:

    oh… and bring friends if you’d like… cute girls are always welcome

    So, yeah. If there were cute girls who wanted to go drink and be on a boat, or vice versa, they should call me on my celly, and I would do all the driving.

    He also said:

    ps: pants optional

  2. For all the people coming here looking for lyrics, go here instead:

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