Time to ROCK!

Apparently, Cake Woman got too much sun at the Uptown Art Fair thing yesterday and spent the night throwing up. I plan to stay hydrated. I might also see about seeing a Fringe Festival show tonight. Apparently the woman who tells the yoni story is in one, and how could I miss that? Otherwise, later this week.

I will be calling Gerg to see if he remembers expressing some interest in the fair, otherwise I will be wandering the streets of Uptown by my lonesome.

Blow up my celly if you wants to hookZ up, yo.

One Response to “Time to ROCK! ”

  1. You forgot that she will be buck ass naked and might even pull a strawberry out of her yoni for a little snack.

    Also, you must see one of the Scrimshaw shows, but preferably both.

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