Whew! I made it!

I got to both shows, but I was a little late for the first. Here is a one sentence review of each:

Adventures in Mating: This show was hilarious.

The Scrimshaw Show: This show had hilarious moments.

Happy now?

During the Scrimshaw Show I literally fell out of my chair when the skinny brother beat a Vonnegut joke into a fine froth. I’m not sure if anyone else was laughing, but he had me in the palm of his hand and squeezed. Then again, Cat’s Cradle was about a quarter of one of my four credit courses, so that comes to something like $400 just to get that series of jokes. My own particular take on comedy is that if you can make one person laugh until they have an aneurysm you have done plenty, even if everyone else in the room just looks at you like you’ve gone crazy. Way to go, Joe. If I may call you that.

Adventures in Mating was set in a restaurant on the surface of the sun, so there was no air conditioning in the theater. Maybe there is never any air conditioning there, I don’t know, it was just hot. In any case, very funny, but the audience participation was, of course, typically Minnesotan: lame and predictable.

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  1. At the show I attended, there was only a couple quiet chuckles for that joke. He kept dragging it out, hoping people would REALLY GET IT. Finally I was shouting, “Yes, I get it! Someone here gets it!”

    I liked Pedro’s song about being in lockup. For some reason, “Shut up you fucking cocksucker, don’t make me kill you twice” sung in a falsetto just made me smile.

    Funny that both shows you saw were written, and in Joe’s case, acted by Scrimshaws. I can’t believe they’ve been doing a new show at the Bryant Lake Bowl every month for six years and it took me this long to see one. Shame on me.

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