Secret Shame

Before I dated Melissa I was single for four years. Here’s to four more!

6 Responses to “Secret Shame ”

  1. Better single than married to DENISE!!

  2. Hey, easy now.

  3. Easy now? I didn’t mean that in reference to Melissa in any way, shape or form. Denises though, yes, I meant to slam them.

  4. I meant don’t slam Denise in public, unless you are talking about my dad’s wife. She’s a fucking bitch.

  5. lol, yay denise! *flap-flap*

    4 more years? aye, you might not survive this time…you might internally combust…oooooor externally combust?

    hooray for embarassing erections!


  6. That’s embarassingly noticable for those of you who are taking notes. Or embarassingly frequent.

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