Hooray For Me!

An 86% in CSci 4011 translates to an A-, which, when combined with the A in my two credit coursework and run through my combinatorial machine, produces a GPA for the semester of 3.78! Hooray! I don’t think that the Dean’s list includes half time students in the summer, but that would be cool to get there again.

Just as I saw that grade the sun came out. How’s that for awesome? I get to look out of my window and see the sun falling on lush greenery across the river.

I should get back to the Gophers Afterdark calendar, because it is terribly important.

3 Responses to “Hooray For Me! ”

  1. You kick ass poops. Hell, if you’re this smart, you should be able to BUILD a girlfriend! After all, that worked out really well for Warren and Spike.

  2. What makes you think that I’m not already collecting parts for my reanimated lover?

    I mean… robotic lover. There are no corpse parts under the eaves.

    Hey, did my Fleshlight show up in the mail yet?

    Never mind.

  3. Gophers After Dark sucks… let’s burninate it in celebration of your GPA which beat mine :(

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