This time I’m The Cool One

Cake Woman called to cancel the whole moving thing for the day. I mentioned that I had been to some fringe shows and she was like “I so want to go to Adventures in Mating!” I was all cool and said “I saw that already.” She was all “and the Scrimshaw Brothers Show,” and I was all “saw it.” Win!

Speaking of Cake Woman and her love of The State, the episode of Stella that I am watching (they are in the woods) is the funniest one that I have seen yet. I think they’re starting to hit their stride.

I have only ten minutes of verbal diarrhea left and then I have to switch to my new two posts per day limit. But what can I possibly post about? What untapped awesome is left?

I want some cake.

4 Responses to “This time I’m The Cool One ”

  1. Michael Ian Black said:

    I’m just gonna go rub one out and call it a night.

    True dat, G!

  2. > I want some cake.

    Me too, man. Me too.

  3. Screw this two posts a day shit. ENTERTAIN ME! Dammit.

  4. No, no, I gotta cut back. It’s time. Also, there’s this.

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