What should I do tonight?

I might see Kung Fu Hamlet at 5:30 because the scene that I saw during the Scrimshaw show was hilarious. After that, uh, I got nuthin’. Well, I saw an open invitation that a friend of mine put out, but it is probably closed to me. If you have any ideas, let me know. I deliver fun and beer in mass quantities, or just fun. Or just beer. Take your pick.

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  1. Come and see Accident Clearinghouse with Chaz and me.

  2. That sounds like a plan to me. ¬°Sold!

  3. Time to head home and do laundry, because I can’t very well wear my maroon student employee uniform t-shirt with a big gold M on it out, can I? I would stay here until five, except that they are using the fifth floor to cook the marketing student employees, which is making the web office just all humid and sweaty. Zach took his shirt off. He’s kind of pale. I can’t bear to look.

    Except that I can’t take my eyes off of him!

    It’s a good thing that I can touch type.

  4. Kassie: Oh wow, I’ve got to get to bed
    Me: Oh, wow, I’ve got to get to drinkin”!

    Accident Clearinghouse was flawless, despite my sobriety. All that changed when I came home and found that the wine was already open. Lisa and Stan came upstairs for the debriefing, and then Lisa took us back to 1999, when she used to read Savage Love to me over lunch. It was much funnier now because she can’t help but read things like a mom. I almost fell asleep it was so nice, a lullaby of beastiality and blow jobs.

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