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Lisa, Paul, and Kassie all want me to go back to posting every thirty seconds. Bharat says two posts per day, and they have to be good.

“Who is this Bharat fellow?” you might ask, and that would be a reasonable question, because you might not know about my late nights struggling to program my way out of a paper bag. Volunteering on the Gallery project has taught me more about programming than all of my programming and computer science courses together. On the other hand, I had never quite gotten object orientation except as a handy way to do things until the elaboring variable scoping puzzles presented in Scheme form in CSci 1901. Bharat was my almost-mentor for a long time. When I was at my lowest he tried very hard to talk to me about it, despite not seeming to understand very well. He used to kick me in the ass when I was dragging. I used to have a faux bumper sticker up in my cubicle: “I’d rather be programming.” If it weren’t for Gallery, and by extension Bharat, I wouldn’t be, and I wouldn’t call myself a programmer.

Things that will stop me from posting this fall:

  1. 16 credits of classes (”Post in class,” she says. “Buy me a new laptop,” I respond)
  2. Actually working at work. I love my job. We aren’t changing the world, but, uh, free movies at Coffman? That has to be a good thing.
  3. When I get home from all that my brain will be well and truly fried, so I will likely just watch tv and write code until I fall asleep.
  4. I have a friend who actually appreciates my fistfuls of metaphor. She might just receive all the written output that I would produce.
  5. I might get tired of all the narcississtic blather that I produce and go back to using this site as a place for public notes.
  6. I like to make lists
  7. Lists of lists
  8. Tra la la

Oh yeah, I mentioned that I am considering writing a novel, and Kassie suggested that I write it on my blog. I’ve seen that done, and it only works if the reader has kept up to date because of the reverse ordering thing. I suppose that I could write a little php magic to put novel posts in order on a special page, but, uh never mind. I shouldn’t have said anything, because once you say that you are going to do something you look like a jackass when you don’t end up doing it.

It should be noted that I still post more than everyone except maybe Paul.

19 Responses to “Make With The Funny ”

  1. The only reason you post more than I do is because I almost lost my job over my blog. I cannot and will not blog at work. I cannot and will not blog about work. So, not only am I not allowed to blog where I spend most of my day, I can’t blog about all the awesome and crazy stuff that happens to me, which makes for a somewhat boring, still updated daily, blog.

  2. Just because I also like making lists of things and how I’m going to be too damn busy for life (or maybe too damn drunk, I can’t remember). It would be easy with Textpattern to have a section use reverse ordering… hint hint hint

  3. You know I’m training to be a cage fighter!

    Fine. When I get back from New York Awesome, I will set up a new subdomain and try out textpattern on it. Does that make you happy?

  4. yes, that makes me happy… then your site will soon become the awesome

  5. remember that one time I got you really wasted?

  6. That one time?

    By the way, I’m in training for New York - I’m up to 600mL of water in one shot. I’m hoping this helps clear out the remainder of the weekend from my bloodstream. I certainly have never peed more in my life.

  7. “You’re my little pee buddy!

  8. Once it hits your lips — it’s just so good!

    Wanna play light sabers later?

    Forget I said that.

  9. No, but I’ll play swords. Wait I mean…

    I think I see Blue! He looks glorious!

  10. Drinking 600mL of water in one pull is probably not smart. I feel dizzy.

  11. I gotta pee… you gonna join me?

  12. NO!

    Shall we meet in the usual bathroom?

  13. You didn’t actually want to go with me… we could have shared so much.

  14. That’s it, I’m going to smear your site full of feces. and corn… corn shits.

  15. We just missed eachother! Two ships, passing in the night, gliding silently through icy waters.

    Corn ones are the worst ones.

  16. No, the worst are the kind that took all of your effort to get out and you know it was a giant one and it smells really bad, but then you get up and there’s nothing in the bowl. There is just nothing for you to take pride in. Your self esteem just gets crushed. And then you go lie down because you may have popped a few veins in your head.

  17. Okay, uh, you win. I got nothing after that. In fact, I may take down my website. WOW.

  18. jesse ever tell you that joke? why is poopin like algebra?

    sometimes you need a pencil to work out your problem…

    *backs away slowly*

  19. Remind me to make a grown-up type post sometime.

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