Paul offered to redesign this site.

Paul: ooo! you should post that i’m going to redesign it and you want reader input!
Paul: even if it’s just me who gives input
Paul: ha ha
Paul: liquid or non-liquid?
Paul: fixed-width?

Make some comments.

3 Responses to “Redesign ”

  1. It’s my birthday! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU ALL!

    Not really. I love you. I just hate myself.

  2. i think you need some awesome paulcons… maybe super pixelated 8-bit super mario bros style icons… and animated gifs all over. maybe some animated pole dancers… oooo… and flames! lots of fire! burn it all! burn it to the ground! AH HAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA AHA HAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  3. It’s nice when there’s someone around who can make you feel normal.

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