Happy Birthday, Fuckface

Happy Birthday to John Ross, blackbird23005, JustinP & arkaitz!!!

The best part of waking up is a hangover in your cup!

I love you, Wilford Brimley, but this calls for motherfucking pancakes!

When did I have corn?

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Fuckface ”

  1. We went to Psycho Suzie’s, where I drank rum out of a pirate. Yeah. You heard me. I am that motherfucking awesome. If they would have had a ninja drink I would have had a giant rum orgasm in my pants.

    I hate rum, it tastes like medicine.

  2. My liver and I are having a fight.

  3. Feist makes everything better.

  4. I just got the word. There is chococake!

  5. yay for chococake!

  6. Dear random people from a random website,

    I can see you visiting. You should wish ME a happy birthday and send ME a new bass! Yes!

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