Lisa Actually Remembers Saturday Night

Mama Lisa: We Partied Like it was 1999 - Literally.

I don’t remember the end part where there were boobies. Well, I kind of do, but that’s where it gets hazy. Very hazy. And dark. And everything tasted like rum.

My notes:

Get your skinny bitch ass down here, Paul
Spend the day in the bass bin
If the options are white or red, choose white because it doesn’t stain
Coming soon: my long distance relationship with booze
Backlit strippers — I mean burlesque dancers in the magic hour
Fucking Minnesota! JUST GO!
Everyone has to go to the bathroom, I just have to go in a timely manner

Hey, here we are!

3 Responses to “Lisa Actually Remembers Saturday Night ”

  1. yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

  2. sorry i’m a bitch-ass

  3. Didn’t you mean: “yo ho ho and a bottle a brass monkey, when my girlie shakes her hips, she sure gets funky!”

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