Packing for New York

Lisa and Stan bought themselves a digital camera so that I could have a pocket camera to pack on the trip. Yes, I will also have my big iron, my D-SLR, but, for instance, at the dinner with 20+ other photo nerds, I will need to represent, and I don’t want to find a home for ten pounds of camera amidst the filet mignon and lobster claws.

Here’s their camera:
jm d30 3222206

Here’s what it does:

Noah is far too freakin’ cute. I wonder how I could use him to sway the hearts of the ladies. No! I will not stoop!

If you email me your address, you might get a postcard from me. Cake Woman, Melissa, and the Keathlys are on the list already.

Oh yeah, wish me luck!

4 Responses to “Packing for New York ”

  1. As I pack, I am realizing that I have clothes appropriate for the following things:

    • Slobbish college life
    • Long term temporary employment
    • Digging ditches
    • Attending sporting events

    I need to put “garage sale” and “buy clothes to impress the ladies” somewhere on that five year plan.

    Oh yeah, anyone want to go to gopher’s hockey games this winter? Mens or womens, I don’t mind. Lemme know.

  2. i want a postcard that is just a picture of you really really messed up and enjoying yourself in manhatten. you deserve a nice drunken stooper in the middle of a gigantic city. i’m so effing jealous.

  3. I’m all packed. Paul is on the list for postcards. His email specified “drunken postcard,” so I guess that’s an option if you are so inclined.

    Of course, I will have free wifi, so I’ll be posting drunken photos and commentary, unless my stuff gets stolen. Please don’t steal my stuff.

    One more thing: we made a short video of me making Noah say “hookers and blow“. Does that make me a bad person?

  4. Woo hoo! Time to go!

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