I’m here!

I made it! I got a limo ride from the airport at my own expense. I may have been literally taken for a ride, but I don’t mind so much ‘cause it’s raining and all. Andy (valiant) is here already, and his Swiss accent is charming. I’m bouncing off the walls ‘cause I’m so excited! Hooray!

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  1. Lucky.

  2. What? My comments are getting moderated now? I’m not cool enough to be whitelisted anymore?

  3. Eight of us developer folks went for dim sum at the Golden Unicorn in Chinatown. I’m not sure how we found it -
    we were hoping to find a place called something like Lon Hun Kok, which none of us could pronounce any way other
    than Long Hung Cock. I mean, if you can eat at a place like that, why would you not?

    I am a little behind my 500 pictures a day goal - we death marched our way through Chinatown through Soho into Noho
    before ending up at a bar on Bleeker Street called something like “The Bleeker Street Bar.” I accidentally drank
    all but one finger of my Guiness in one gulp before we toasted, so I had to replace it with a Stella.

    I don’t remember which happened first, but we ran across CBGB’s, which is apparently being evicted. There was a
    minor news crew from the BBC with like a Mini DV camera shooting something or other, and they put us all on tape.
    Hopefully I said something funny enough for broadcast, but likely it will be that bastard Volksport and his
    cute girlfriend who get on the air. Well, Gallery motherfucking represent, yo.

    I can’t seem to get my laptop on the wifi, so there will likely be a rigamarole to get the 250 pictures that I have
    taken thus far onto the intarweb. Maybe I can jack in at google or something, but that would mean waiting until
    Monday, if we even get to go. :( In just 45 minutes we will be going out to eat, drink and be merry. I miss you
    all, I will hopefully have even more stories to tell when I get back.

  4. […] pment team of Gallery for dinner at Gallagher’s in New York. Most all of the various team members are meeting up in New York this weekend, and this dinner is paid for (by the project, I guess?) […]

  5. Someone is having too good of a time to post! I guess we’ll hear the sortid details on Monday night.

  6. Moderation MY ASS. You need to cut that shit out.

  7. You done told him, Lisa!

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