NYC Aggregation

The Whole Crew at Gallagher's<br />
Photo thanks to Joan

2 tablespoons: Gallery Gang in NYC
Chad Kieffer’s “uncaptioned and out of focus photos”

a freak of nature thirty something with an amazing capacity to hold his beer and liquor

I don’t know what he is talking about — I’m thirty even as of a week ago.

h0bbel: New York. Leaving New York.
about being there
Also h0bbel: Gallery Does New York OMGWTFBBQ
And their photos!

dmolavi speaks, too

Melody and Signe.

eXtreme Gallery!

Speaking of eXtreme, ckdake has a gallery up.

Mr. Torrent only posted beforehand.

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  1. OMGWTFBBQ - Gallery Summit

    The team behind Gallery met up in New York over the weekend, some for a longer time. Personally I stayed from Friday the 19th until Sunday the 21st. By itself, going to New York for two days leaves you with a feeling that you haven’t seen anything a…

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