Party Or Nap?

I should be at a party right now, but some of us took a nap on the couch that bookended dinner.

This weekend:

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  1. I vote for:
    SATURDAY NIGHT - Dinner with the Walker and the Keathly families.
    SUNDAY - Hit the fair with the Keathly family. Because you do not want to miss seeing Noah’s face slathered with:

    1. Butter from eating corn on the cob dipped in butter.
    2. Chocolate from cookies.
    3. Powdered sugar from funnel cones. And last but not least:
    4. Noah puking on the big slide.
  2. College party = complete.

    Perhaps it is time to write my New York tale.

  3. yay, pronto-puke!

    cheese-curd chunks!
    funnel-cake phlegm!
    pork-chop-on-a-stick…ok, i’m grasping now. ;)

    i’m going to a quinceñera tonight in shakopee, i might have to break out my gold name-plate one more time before i sell it on ebay. ;)
    my days as a young chola are over… *respira*

  4. Una Quinceñera? ¡Aye, dios mio! Tengo las cumbias electricas y los frijoles sabrosos! Pero, no soy el novio de Melissa ahora.

    Pobrecito mi…

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