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So Cake Woman AIMed me today while I was at work, saying that we should hook up to share travel stories. I, of course, was down, yo, but then she disappeared. I tried to call her while walking to the car, and then when I got home, but didn’t hear from her until after my evening nap (which was glorious). When I got there she handed me the last Maibock, which I downed forthwith. Dan drove us to the CC, where Sister Nadeau met us. Dan and I ganged up on Cake Woman and she walked home in a huff. HA ha. I felt a little bad for her — she was all lonely and… no I didn’t. She could have called me at any time if she really wanted help moving. She could have asked tonight if she wanted me on her side. I really don’t feel that sorry for people who can’t ask for what they want.

P.S.: Thank you platinum card!

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  1. “platinum card”? Do tell.

    You didn’t overdraft again, did you!?! Did you . . . . . (she says, questioning him ominously.)

  2. I only have one credit card, it is a platinum card with a glorious $200 limit, only for use in emergencies like this.


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