Today is Dj wrecka’s last day on the air, so she helped out Zach and I by playing all of our requests and hitting the last spot in Radio K bingo. When she played “Puppet Show” by Tulip Sweet and her Trail of Tears, Zach and I were laughing uncontrollably, and even wrecka was giggling as she rolled into the break. I might might might go see Meredith Bragg tonight, but I might restrict myself since I have been financially irresponsible this summer. It’s only five bones, though. I could ride the bus on my new U-Pass!

3 Responses to “Bingo! ”

  1. Plus, she played Whitesnake for us. Zach awarded her 1000 points for bingo and 225 points for molesting the snake. Uh, never mind that. Right now Christie is in the lead by a lot.

  2. HA ha, I said to myself: “I’ll go after I finish all this Gallery stuff.”

    Then I fell asleep, so I’m not going out anywhere.

  3. Also, apparently my U-Pass is not valid until September 6th. Boo!

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