Local Boy Does Good

Bharat announced:

Hi, guys. You all know Jesse from the work that he's done on Gallery 1.x and his G1 snapshot page. I'm happy to say that Jesse has joined the core team as a G2 developer. He's been an active participant in the project for at least a year and is already hard at work on the G1 -> G2 migration module. Welcome, Jesse!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel very honored. It happened sort of backwards, with me hanging out on the developers list and making suggestions amongst a steady stream of wisecracks. I had submitted a major refactoring of the Gallery V1 code a few months before, and I was doing my best to continue making myself useful. Someone asked if I was on a particular private developer's list, and I used that opportunity to ask to join the list.

I did a happy little dance and got all nervous and sweaty. Uh… never mind that. I'm happy.

Jesse Mullan

Developer, G1 snapshot page maintainer

Okay, this how it really went down- Bharat pulled me aside to accost me:

Bharat: ding dong. you there?

Jesse: Yes. Am I in trouble?

Bharat: Quite the opposite-

Bharat: My question for you is: did your request mean that you wish to be a member of the core team, or do you just want to be a fly on the wall of core discussions?

Jesse: Of course I want to be part of the core team and I would be honored. However, I will gladly defer to your judgement or the judgement of the team.

Bharat: Which team would you like to be on?

Jesse: My gut reaction is to request a spot on gallery 2.x. I will really have to work to get up to speed, but I know that's where the future of gallery lies, and that's where I will build the most new skills.

Bharat: Ok. All of the above is what I was hoping you'd say

Bharat: http://gallery.sf.net/wiki.php?page=Development%20Team

Bharat: welcome to the team.

Jesse: Thank you!

Bharat: I'm confident that you're going to do very well with G2

Jesse: I have already learned a lot of very useful skills, and I hope to continue that.

Jesse: Can I turn off interview mode?

Bharat: :-)

Bharat: No, one of the requirements for this position is that you suck up to me for the next 15 years. and give me your firstborn child.

Bharat: I like to wait until the candidate has accepted the job before I spring that on him

Jesse: Only the firstborn? You could have had the first two.

Bharat: No way, 3 kids is my limit

Jesse: I have to say that this is one of the best things to happen to me in the last year or so

Bharat: This particular thing didn't just happen to you. You made it happen for yourself and I, for one, am very happy that it did.

To the best of my knowledge, Bharat looks nothing like Lumburgh.

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  1. so when’s the first date? j/k

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