Lost and Found

Soooooo… I woke up bright and early today and got ready to ride my bike in the first nice weather we’ve had in months, except that the keys to the garage were not hanging up in the kitchen. A half an hour of frantic searching later (those were the back up keys since the originals were lost) and I had missed the last on time bus. No problem, I have a third fall back with four wheels. I hopped into my car and lo and be fucking hold the day lots were full! Now I’m really cutting it close as I park by 15th and Como and hop the 3 bus to campus and practically run to class. The whole time I’m imagining breaking down the door to the garage with the sledgehammer that is in the garage.

Lisa found the keys in a drawer in the bathroom. This is the same reason that I buy multi-packs of screwdrivers twice a year so I can find a phillips head screwdriver when I need one.

P.S.: Go Fuck Yourself, Mister Cheney. Go Fuck Yourself.

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  1. Check out this story:


    A summary:
    “No state, no locality can take the lead in dealing with an emergency like Katrina. That’s why FEMA was created. Incompetence is bad enough; not taking responsibility for it is shameful. Blaming it on others is a national disgrace.”

    Amen to that.

  2. BTW it was Stan who retraced his steps and found the keys. I went shopping today and hit on a better solution than keys. I got a combination lock. You just line up the numbers to create my super secret code number and “voila!” the garage is open. No more carrying the key with on bike rides. No more losing the key(s).

  3. As long as it isn’t 12345.

  4. It’s not. But it IS something easy for all of us to remember. You do the math and make the guess.

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