Bike Happenings

Today it was me who forgot the key to the garage — I left it clipped to my pants while I sailed to work. While I parked my bike, a cute woman pulled up nearby on her bike and smiled at me. I smiled and futzed with my lock a bit, then looked up and smiled again. At that point she looked at me funny, then said “sorry, I thought that you were someone else” and booked out of there. For the love of Pete, just bike away, leaving a smile behind for those of us who don’t get a lot of random smiles! After that I climbed into the bell tower and rang my bells for several hours while sobbing uncontrollably.

If I weren’t so terribly ugly, I’d smile at random people just to make them feel better about life and themselves.

Oh yeah, I almost got hit by a car on the way home because I was feeling all cocky and blew through a stop sign. Oops, I’m a dumbass.

Eventually I hope to truly conquer the Johnson street hill — ride up it in a surge of power and stamina. Right now I ride up in the granniest of my gears and feel like I’m going to die every fifteen feet. Awesome! I haven’t been this drenched in sweat since I walked home that one day. ¬°Que feo!

2 Responses to “Bike Happenings ”

  1. She thought it was someone who looked like you and was smiling. You’re not quasimoto (or however you spell it, I’m too lazy to look it up).

    Smile at random people. It will either confuse them, make them happy or scare them. Either way, amusing for you!

    I too, would love to conquer the Johnson street hill, the Ulysses and 33rd street hill and the Saint Anthony Parkway hill. Unfortunately, this will not be the year. Here’s to 2006!

  2. I’m kinda funny looking, and I constantly smile at everyone I meet eyes with. Almost everyone smiles back at me.

    Besides, you’re not actually ugly at all.

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