In Flight

The bike to school/work was a lot better today, what with the cool weather and all. On the other hand, I am not really looking forward to riding home in the rain. Jeremy said that he would probably be willing to trade cranks straight across, and I think that in another month or so I will be very interested in such a thing. Even today I was going flat out on the downhill of Johnson and keeping a car at bay. In another month I will probably have outgrown my top gear and I’ll be ready for the 39/53 action. Hooray!

Maybe not. Like I told Jeremy, I want to ride more to make sure that what I think that I want is what I want for real.

3 Responses to “In Flight ”

  1. Dude, in another month we might have snow on the ground. :[

  2. With snow, Jesse can just sled to work. Yay, sledclub!

  3. Snow? What are you talking about? With global warming in effect, Minneapolis is the new Seattle — no — San Francisco.

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