Heia Norge!

I have decided to make fun of Finnish people. Why not?

Okay, really, I'm just doing a fun little dance since Petter Solberg did so well. Go Petter!

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  1. I have a few Norwegian (sp?) freinds, but I’ve never asked what exactly is the
    translation of Heia Norge? would you let me know?
    ps, I’m guessing “Horray Norway” or something like that?

  2. “Heia Norge” translates to “Go Norway” basically.

  3. See how easy that was?

  4. but how is it pronounced?

  5. Pronunciation: Hi-Ya Nor-gah! (Be sure to roll the ‘r’) I think that is correct.

    And I wish a strong “Heia Norge” to Th!nk Global, the Norwegian electric car company looking to open an assembly plant in the USA!

  6. Heia Norge >>> High’-yah Nor’-gay

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