Knight Rider

I threw my chain three times today. Two of those times were during my inaugural night run home, at ten, after my art class on the west bank. If you know of good cheap food on the west bank, or would just like to eat with me on Wednesdays between five and six or after ten, you should let me know.

The second time the chain jumped I got off to fix stuff and spent some time staring at the lighting and thinking about where I could put a reflector on the back to supplement the flashing red LED. A dude pulled up and asked if I needed help. When I said no, he made a u-turn and drove away. Wait, what? A u-turn? Weird. Anyway, I’ll be looking into a reflector for my rack. Heh heh, I said rack.

Oh yeah, I’m holding 200#, even with the Chipotle burrito that I had today. I predict that I will have my first sub 200# weigh in this week, unless I eat a small child, which might happen. I’m super hungry right now. Unfortunately, if I eat Noah I will never be able to use him to pick up chicks.

No! I will never do that!

I bet he’d be a big hit at the Entry. He likes music. Hmm…

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  1. Hey, those times don’t work for me to eat with you, but some good places to eat are North Country Co-op, Chipotle, Jimmie John’s, Jewel of India, and Bullwinkle’s.

  2. What the crap… I have a break from 4:30-6:20 and I decided that I’m no longer going home during that time before my night class on the West Bank. Do I get to have Jesse time?

    Don’t forget Quizno’s is there. Mmmmm… Toasty.

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