I try to avoid the big budget mainstream television, but I can’t resist the gravitational force that is Lost. Lisa bought the season one box set today, so we all will be watching it tonight. Also, some math homework.

Oh yeah, if you have trouble leaving a comment, please send me an email or something. I’m trying to beat down the deluge of comment spam storming in from everywhere.

5 Responses to “Lost ”

  1. Duluge of comment spam?



    Where are thou juliet?

    jesse is in need of some loventh.

  2. You don’t see it, but I do, then I delete it instead of approving it.

  3. renee and i see that hobbit guy around our work area, he seems to like jamba juice.

  4. Join the Lost party at my place… we’ve watched 18 episodes in about 4 days.

  5. Dean - I can’t believe you live where Lost is filmed and haven’t watched one single episode. For shame dude, for shame.

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