I Want You To Vote For Me

Well, really, I just want my loyal readers to vote on which photo of me I should use for personal ads and/or thefacebook.com.

Click here!

Wow, people sure like to take pictures of me drinking.

You can also go here and vote for older pictures of me that generally do not feature me drinking.

5 Responses to “I Want You To Vote For Me ”

  1. That picture makes you look like the strongest guy in the world. You’ve lifted him, he seems airborne, yet you are smiling and pointing to the camera like: “No problem, dude!” I vote this one for facebook.

  2. Sorry, forgot to log out as you before I made the first comment.

    On the old pics, you snuck one in of Stan. Hasn’t gotten any votes yet though.

  3. I’m not the strongest guy in the world — Beckett is just teeny tiny.

  4. you look like someone that once hacked a battleship game for a stupid class. Hey, that IS you. You sunk my battleship!

  5. Beckett is a small, small man!

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