How Was the Bike Ride?

Riding keeps you warm, except for certain parts: any pasty white flesh that gets exposed to the wind and your nuts, which, upon a two degree drop in temperature, will retract back into your body. I thought that I was having an asthma attack until I got inside and felt my nuts drop back out of my throat. As my claws melted I regretted not grabbing any of my ten pairs of gloves. I’m not sure how I’m going to solve the hat issue - maybe I will try a bandana or putting tape over the holes in my helmet. I just don’t want to be bandana guy. He’s not me. Really.

I did not fix my walkin’ around camera. I am sorely tempted to buy a brand new camera. I’ve got the shakes from camera withdrawl.

2 Responses to “How Was the Bike Ride? ”

  1. I have a hat that was made for going under helmets. It’s really thin, yet keeps the head really warm.

  2. Paul beat me to the punch on that idea.

    P.S. DOODLEBOPS ROCK!! I can’t beleive you don’t have the intallegence to reacognize it! Get a life! Get laid! Make me a Doodlebops porno! Um, I mean, I’m out!

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