Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it, woo woo

Zach said:

Time for me to board that train

I asked:

The booze train?

Zach replied:

Woo woo!

And that about sums up the night. I kind of wanted to go to see John Vanderslice at the entry, but I’m just too fucking tired from a week full of homework, midterms, and apparently making a minor ass out of myself on

you must let up on the come ons, please you are killing me. Just act like a normal person

I wasn’t so much hitting on her as acting like I was hitting on her for our mutual amusement, but I can understand the confusion. My personal rule is that if someone doesn’t get a joke, it’s my fault, not theirs.

At least she understands that I am not a normal person, just an abnormal person occasionally acting like a normal person.

One Response to “Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it, woo woo ”

  1. No, if someone doesn’t get a joke, it usually means they have no sense of humor. Or are “slow.” Besides, it’s more fun to blame others.

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