Drunken Zombies

It’s entirely too bad that Cake Woman has to work tomorrow, because I think that she would really enjoy what my boss is hammering me to attend.

I was thinking that I should post some excerpts of our conversation tonight, but what the hell, I like to read drunken rants a lot. So should you:

Session Start (jessepmullan:zach): Fri Oct 14 23:53:36 2005
zach: zombies
zach: zombie pub crawl
zach: tomorrow
zach: you down
zach: or what
jessepmullan: nice
jessepmullan: I’m thinking that my zombie costume will be simple
jessepmullan: step one: cup of fake blood
jessepmullan: step two: inability to swallow fake blood
jessepmullan: step three: profit
zach: so we’re zombying on the morrow right
zach: you’ve cleared your shedool?
zach: schedule
jessepmullan: schedule?
jessepmullan: I ain’t got shit to do
zach: I mean it’s in your neighborhood for fuck’s sake
zach: so you better goddamn be there
zach: with the “Braaaaains” and the undeadening
zach: I’m very excited about the whole thign
zach: thing
zach: ikadh
zach: ADFdsjkhl
zach: ‘;
jessepmullan: braaaaaaaaaaains
zach: so really
zach: you’re going to zombie fest on the morrow
zach: right
jessepmullan: jesus, I already said yes
zach: don’t you fuck with me man
zach: I’ve got a fish
zach: and it’s frozen
zach: it could do some damage
jessepmullan: that could very well kill me
zach: sorry I’m drunk
jessepmullan: hahahaahhahahahh
zach: I lied about the fish
zach: lied×0red
zach: http://www.xopl.com/blog/2005/10/15/fuckyouiamdrunk.html
zach: that doesn’t give away my true feelings too obviously
zach: does it?
jessepmullan: hahahahaahahaha
jessepmullan: you are so drunk
jessepmullan: I LOVE drunken blog posts
zach: I may have had a few
zach: or two
zach: I saw a preview of american The Office today
zach: with the boss having his minion come in early
zach: but only to deliver a sammich
zach: GENIUS
jessepmullan: heheheheeheh
zach: you two better watch out
jessepmullan: I so want to bring my camera tomorrow
zach: you HAVE to
zach: seriously
zach: …
zach: lkjsdmy presonsris posted
jessepmullan: what in the fuck did you just say?
zach: donty’ you tell me the fuck
jessepmullan: WOW
jessepmullan: you are amazingly drunk
zach: not as drunkas zomb ie zach is gonna be tomrorow
zach: something abot being dripping blodo at zpsycho zusuzy’s with a tiki dirink in zombie rgelaia is funny to me
jessepmullan: I gotta charge my phone
zach: what doe syor phone have ot do with this.?
jessepmullan: I might have to call 911 to have you reanimated
zach: hahahshhahhah
zach: is your number sitll 911?
zach: i’m a wagchint dawn of the dead
zach: the lst aitime I watched this was the 2004 elections
zach: what a depressing night that was
jessepmullan: sonofa
jessepmullan: that would suck
zach: but I loves me some zombie
zach: s
jessepmullan: to have that association in your mind
zach: yeah well the zombiers make up for it
zach: a bit
jessepmullan: and when you get the dvd from me, you will love zombies a little too much
zach: w00t
zach: party at your housse in norderast tomrrow gnight rght?
zach: after psycho zusys
zach: aftger the zombie party
jessepmullan: yeahhhhh
jessepmullan: shit, that’s a pretty long walk
zach: don’t blakc aball me!!@
jessepmullan: the last time I was at psycho suzies a lady flashed me
zach: I like where this is going
zach: giggity gigityt
jessepmullan: all right
zach: as much as I love zom bies
zach: I’k reammlyt whtuite queecited about this zombie thing orowow
zach: that isn’t even english
zach: fuck
jessepmullan: that isn’t even text
jessepmullan: you just typed in some binary
zach: 100010101
zach: 1010
zach: 324
zach: abcdef
zach: g
zach: muthafucka
zach: what’s the 3 year old up tomorrow
zach: he should ocome out in zombie regalia
jessepmullan: if he wants to be eaten
jessepmullan: I bet he would love to go to the spooky store to buy spooky stuff
zach: wif a koopun?
zach: rowbits
zach: wut kind of rowbit areyou
zach: OH MY GOD
zach: OH NO
zach: AT MY DOOR
zach: …
zach: …
zach: …’
zach: …
jessepmullan: by tomorrow you will be zombiefied
zach: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains
zach: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaisn
jessepmullan: or sooner

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  1. There’s a pile of bloody clothes on my bathroom floor… what did I do last night?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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