Yacht Rock

Yacht Rock

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Selected quotes:

Fuck you, Loggins!

Hall and I will not stand idly by while you California vagina sailors stab the american airwaves in the balls with your shit music!

Episode #2 has Hall and Oates versus, uh, McDonald and Loggins.

There are no winners today, but I felt the power of really smooth music.

I can’t deal with how awesome these Yacht Rock videos are. I just can’t.

3 Responses to “Yacht Rock ”

  1. Thanks. Yacht rock V premires on October 30th. Should be on the website by Nov. 1st.

  2. Yes the show is great but smooth music will only survive if McDonald and Loggins can be persuaded to make amends!

  3. Hard Rock has got me and Eddie drillin’ more cooch than Black and Decker!

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