Melody was right

Cake Woman came over so the Keathly family and I could celebrate her birthday. She brought Upright Citizen’s Brigade DVDs! I watched the ass pennies, poo stick, bucket of truth, and hot chicks room while Cake Woman fell asleep on my bed. Now, of course, I have to do several hours of algorithms and data structures homework while she makes my bed smell like girl and farts.

P.S.: Halloween party at my house on the 29th, drop me a line at if you haven’t already gotten an invite. I gotta get on that shit, just like everything else in my life. Melody and her husband Jay should come but they live in Portland. They are awesome people. I don’t think that I mentioned that. I should have.

4 Responses to “Melody was right ”

  1. By the way, this is very different from the last lady to sleep in my bed.

  2. Portland? Were they the $340 million lottery winners in Oregon?

  3. Uuuuugh. I would like to win even 5 dollars.

  4. Me too. If any of y’all are wondering, I slept on the floor until my guest was awake enough to drive home, then I moved into my already warm bed for the last glorious hours of sleep.

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