Melody makes me extra funny.

So, I’m still trying to think of a costume. Melody was helping me over AIM, and this happened.

“I should be HERPES!”
“What are you supposed to be?”
“You’re not wearing a costume.”
“I’m not flaring up right now.”

It’s hard to attribute each line, but 1, 4, and 5 were mine. 2 and 3 were her. Uh, nevermind.

Other ideas:
Pan (all I need are furry pants)
Bacchus/Dionysius (purple toga, grape wreath, and unbelievable amounts of booze) (basically just write HOT CARL on myself)
THE KRAKEN (either a squid costume or a prog rock band)

2 Responses to “Melody makes me extra funny. ”

  1. You should be an ENTIRE band.

    As for Herpes, you could totally paper mache’ this:

  2. if you’re herpes, you *have* to memorize what “the herpes” said on that dave chapelle skit.

    hey yall dont hurt me….
    it’s lil ol’ me herpes….
    cooler than your best friend….
    i’ll stay with you til the end….

    you wont see me everyday….
    but once in a while i’ll come say “hey”….
    thats right! no cure for me in sight….
    i wont go without a fight….
    I’m the herpes….the HERPES!! See you in hell m0therf*ckers!

    personally, i would be gonorrhea, then i’d get to wear a beret… ;) or crabs…”yes, we’re the crabs…your pubes will grab! …we’ll pinch your nuts!”

    *ahem* too much dave chapelle!

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