My Left Nut

In addition to the usual shooting pains in my quadriceps, my left testicle has been hurting all day. Long term readers know that the safety and comfort of my baby makers is of vital importance to me, so, yes, I’m terribly worried. I gots to makes me some babies. BABIES!

I had a midterm in diffEQ today, and it boiled a little bit of the brain that I had stored up over the week, so you all have to suffer through crappy blog posts.


That Kanye West song in the Jarhead commercial (Jesus Walks) is pretty sweet.

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  1. The testicle pain can be from lower abdominal trigger points. Or, in the booty, the piriformis muscle can entrap the pudendal nerve, causing prostate symptoms and/or impotence in males and pain in the groin, genitals, or rectal area. Wanna let me dig around in your booty and abdomen muscles? It’s probably going to be the closest to action you’ve had in MONTHS. Besides peeping in on Paul’s anticts, that is.

    I gots no clients booked for this weekend. Feel free to schedule yourself in.


  3. That was surprisingly informative!

  4. No babies for paul. We’ll save those for when I retire at 35.

  5. WHOA WHOA WHOA… no watching “Paul’s antics”

  6. Lisa just likes to imagine that I watch Paul’s antics because she lives vicariously through me living vicariously through you.

  7. you need to find yourself a nut valet ;)

    “I met a couple girls one was hot was one not This situation seems to happen quite a lot. I bet you think I want to bounce with the one that’s fine I bet you think I wanna get her to leave the stray behind. But listen up y’all There’s another way to do it I’ll lay it down for ya And y’all can go to it There’s no need to ditch the B team to bring on the A Invite her along to be a nut valet A nut valet, what’s that you said? A something that’ll make you go Whooooooo Kind if like a servant, kind of like a maid that performs a certain function while you’re gettin laid. To attend to the nuts To attend to the stones Because it just ain’t right to leave them boys alone… So put her on the wazzit tunes Kinda like a DJ I said, won’t you be my nut valet? Oh yeah… Won’t you be my nut valet? I don’t mean to offend But that way you can participate while I bang your friend It’s an honest days work It’s a worthy task And you’ll have a great view back there by my ass That’ll be your detail baby That’ll be your station baby Want me in your friend baby Have intimate relations. You’ll be doing her a favor Cause it adds to my elation Can’t you see that this adds up to be a win-win situation? Besides don’t feel badly when you here at the bar Besides y’all probably came in the same car. I know you want me for yourself But since that ain’t gonna happen Let your fingers do the walking and tickling and tapping. And get on the whazzit tunes Kinda like the DJ I said won’t you be my nut valet? A nut valet a ball attendant a handy woman a sack superintendent. Yeah you might not want her She might not want you But that don’t mean she that can’t contribute It’s plain to see that you’re a woman of refinement That’s why you should choose to accept this assignment.”

  8. Thanks for the Nut Valet interlude, Melissa.

    My nut felt better this morning, and now feels just fine.

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