Okay, so Zach wants to to do karaoke, and since I have no dignity left, I agreed to be a part of the mayhem. I am suggesting Elsie’s. Maybe the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Maybe we should crawl it, yo, with the Burlesque show at the 331, then a million bars alksdjngfaksd jkhadsf jlgs j’gs j ‘ldsagklj’es l;s ;adsg sagl ls ls jls ;as df bhadf

This is a good idea.

6 Responses to “Karaoke? ”

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Apparently Jesse doesn’t know how to listen to and follow directions since yet again I had to manually correct his timecard. RIDE HIS ASS (and not in the good way),


    You have to sing Material Girl.

  3. The Saturday after Turkey Day is going to be a “Turkeytastic Dinner” + The Complex’s “Jug-a-thon” (buy a JUG or box of wine, under $10 and drink that fucker down).

  4. Try Laura’s or The N.E. Palace. I’ve heard through the grapevine that their playlists are good.

    Or there’s always the Las Vegas Lounge. Stan and I saw a REAL BAR FIGHT there. A guy actually broke a bottle on the table for a weapon. It was tits.

  5. OKAY. I GET THE POINT ZACH. But you need to realize that I’m Jesse’s 2nd mother. Which means that he doesn’t listen to me worth shit.

    We need to get a girlfriend to ride Jesse’s ass, in both the good and the bad ways.

  6. And Zach is “busy” the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If there’s a chance to bring Paul along, then I would have have have to do so. Jug-a-chug sounds super fun. I make a good turkey. I make a tremendous Thanksgiving dinner.

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