I hate it when astrology is right

Melody was bored last night and I was awake to beat my head against my 4041 homework. Since she’s an astrology “buff” I floated her my chart, which she proceeded to use to paint an eerily accurate picture of me. Then she got carpal tunnel, so that will be the last that I hear from her, since we have a typing-only relationship. After my homework was done, I revised my plans for a roadtrip out west. Without Melissa in the car I could definitely drive longer and stay in campsites or unbelievably shitty motels. Maybe I should do that this summer — drive to the Black Hills, Yellowstone, Olympia, Portland, San Francisco, Reno, and home.

I’m really worried about school.

2 Responses to “I hate it when astrology is right ”

  1. I’m never gonna type again. Fatigued fingers have got no rythem.

  2. drive longer = pee into a ‘big gulp’
    shitty motels = the car

    sorry to hear you’re worried about school. barbie said it best, “math is hard!”

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