Cake Woman is getting a congratulatory card for getting an excellent review at her job. This is on the back:

6 Responses to “robot ”

  1. I think I’m switching to entirely picture based blogging. Nobody wants to read words.

  2. I don’t even know HOW to read.

  3. I think a blend is best. Just words or just pics can be boring.

    Variety:the spice of life.

  4. I see a picture of Zach, a picture of me, and a picture of Lisa. I wish I could understand those squiggly lines next to the pictures.

  5. But there’s no variety in just a blend of pictures and words every day, either.

  6. Word.



    That’s shaking it up! :]

    Of course there is variety in words and pictures. You sound like you’re in a blogging rut.

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