Thank You, King Kwong

Radio K played some Poop Poop for Poopie, so Zach stopped it. I played some mp3s, then Zach played some mp3s, then we were fighting over music. Somehow while fighting I knocked over a glass of beer onto Zach’s keyboard, which miraculously switched his iTunes to Radio K. We heard Thomas and it was like waking up from a terrible dream. We both sat down and went back to being productive.

Melody asked me what I actually do at work. Well, uh, I put a link at the bottom of the calendar page to the full month view. We had free ice cream. I had the chocolate. Then I didn’t feel very well because that’s a lot of dairy. At some point we listened to several variations of the Super Mario Brothers theme song. Oh yeah, I fixed a bug in our authentication app and made our cost reports listing make more sense, and now I’m thinking about how to best present those items by client. How can I have Zach name the files (easily) so that the page can programmatically determine what they are? Should I make it smart enough to figure out based on how he names them now, or should I force a particular naming convention, perhaps based on the cups number or whatever that id is (which isn’t distinct, so then you also need to include a name or abbreviated name).

Anyway, so far there hasn’t been the sort of magical musical moment like yesterday when Sarah Sandusky played something off of P J Harvey’s Dry album, but I know that the King won’t let me down. Also, they can’t play Poop Poop for Poopie again today. Hooray!

5 Responses to “Thank You, King Kwong ”

  1. Wait… neither of you are ever productive at work. All that you do is post to your blogs and stare at Google Analytics all day.

    I like dookie.

  2. Wait. Wait. Wait. You are the one that was raving about google analytics all day.

  3. Poop poop for poopie is death cab for cutie, right?

    Aren’t they, like, your favorite band ever?

    I want to get paid to eat ice cream.

  4. YEAH! You are the one with the Google Anal all day.

  5. AND, let’s not talk about how you spent all day the other day doing CSS reverse ordered lists.

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