Just Poor Planning

Yesterday I got a ride to school because of the rain. I decided to take the bus home, because I am trying to be responsible for something. Since I was hoping to get some exercise in at the same time, I walked to 10th and Como before the 4 rolled up. It’ s a good thing that I bought the semester bus pass! So there I was, digging through my wallet, sweaty from overdressing, headphones blaring, cell phone suddenly ringing, and my bus pass was nowhere to be found. I think that I have used it twice since I got it. Maybe only once. I explained my dilemma to the bus driver, and she told me to keep looking, so I did. I pulled everything out of my wallet. I unfolded all the receipts. I looked in every page of my business-card-sized address book (handmade by me back in the TCF days).

One of the other passengers offered me some of their stored-value card, but I was not about to pay for a bus ride twice, even if one of the payments was not visible and at hand. There is no way that I can get seventy dollars worth of bus riding out of my pass now, and I wasn’t going to make matters worse by having a complete strangers pay for me to ride another ten blocks up Johnson. By 29th I couldn’t pretend to be looking any more, so I apologized again and jumped off in front of Snap!. I suppose that I will ask… someone… if my pass can be reissued, because this whole Winter Wonderland business makes me not want to ride my bike.

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  1. You have to buy a new one… they are bitches about that stuff.

  2. Hmm. You know, the bus saves me… about 20 minutes versus walking, if that.

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