I Got a Turkey In the Oven

You know, everything that I say ends up sounding like scatalogical euphamisms. We are having a make up Thanksgiving today. I accidentally picked a 20 pound turkey. Whoa. This thing is a freak of nature.

Are they supposed to have two necks?

7 Responses to “I Got a Turkey In the Oven ”

  1. Did that turkey eat a smaller turkey?

  2. You can stuff it with other animals. You can, like, have a hamster inside a duck inside a wild boar inside a turkey. With gravy. Use plenty of thyme.

  3. There’s a gecko inside a hamster inside a cornish game hen inside a duck inside a penguin inside a chicken inside a turkey inside a goose inside a wild boar inside a domestic pig inside a goat inside a sheep inside a cow inside a buffalo inside of me.

    Eight of us ate one breast and a drumstick. The gravy was a little fatty, and now, so am I.

  4. The Romans used to do that. For reals.

  5. Fan mail:

    “I think it’s really sweet how you waste so much of your time trying to bash a band
    that you probably know nothing about. And almost as awesome that you do little
    follow up notes. Hanson just had a successful tour, so you might want to double
    check your research, or maybe do some rather than assuming stuff. Seriously
    though, it’s really pathetic that you spend your free time bashing a band that is
    never even going to see it. They’re just doing what they love to do. And they’re
    more successful than some random person who makes hate websites will ever be.

    “No need to respond. I just figured since you love your little fan mail so much i
    would leave you some.”

  6. Hahahah you’re a little fatty. That’s awesome!

  7. i <3 hanson! the sister who plays the drums is my favorite ^_^

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