Finally! Something I can tattoo on my ass!

If you have ever struggled with a menu in a Chinese restaurant, take a gander at this site:

It's the joint. Bonus points for you if you can send me the unicode entities for “potsticker”. Oh yes, you will be mine.

Update: thanks to, I got my characters. They don't look anything like the drawings. Dammit!

锅贴 [guo1 tie1] /fried dumpling/

[guo1] /pot/pan/boiler/

[tie1] /to stick/to paste/to keep close to/to fit snugly/allowance/

Also, “gold” (金) is supposed to be a part of the “pot” (锅) character. I'm not sure that I see it, but maybe.

Another update- my friend beckett came up with this alternate pair of characters:

鍋贴 [guo1 tie1] /fried dumpling/

Then, because we were arguing over which character was correct, I found this on an online menu:

鍋貼 [guo1 tie1] /fried dumpling/

The last one looks closest to what was on the site where I started, but doesn't match the online dictionaries.

As far as guo (鍋) goes, I found a kanji reference to it, which is Japanese, but the Japanese used Chinese characters as a starting point, so I think that we're on the right path.

Ah ha! I spoke with a coworker from Taiwan, and she explained that all four characters are correct, and that one set was Traditional and the other was Simplified.

Traditional: 鍋貼

Simplified: 锅贴

Here's some explanation as to the difference:

Of course, all of those characters are displayable via Unicode. I use html entities like 鍋 and 貼 to display the characters that I want. I could code my page in UTF-8. Then, I could just cut and paste the characters instead of translating them into numeric codes. However, my work computer doesn't have Chinese locales installed, so I don't have the fonts to show those characters. They just show up as boxes. My home computer shows everything correctly, which is way cool.

Oh yeah - Beckett wins the prize: a homecooked dinner whenever he is in Minnesota or I am in Los Angeles.

Next up: steamed or fried dumplings? Obviously, I am a fan of the fried variety, but Beckett holds the incorrect opinion that steamed dumplings are somehow better. What ever.

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  1. I might need to order some steamed pork dumplings right now… just from reading this!

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