All Better

Here is my recipe for happiness:
Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
India Pale Ale
Grilled Cheese and Turkey Sammich

Surprisingly, we still have turkey in the fridge. Stan hasn’t been using it to make sandwiches at all, despite having a pristine breast to devour. I took it upon myself to slice it as thinly as I could, then liberated three slices to insert between cheese and bread to form a sandwich. Quick minutes in the pan yielded a moist and melty sammich with crispy bread. I think it was the making that really made me feel better, but the juicy turkey might have had something to do with it.

2 Responses to “All Better ”

  1. I wish I had some turkey. We successfully navigates that holiday without cooking a god damned thing, but in exchange for all of our hard work, we got no leftovers, either.

  2. Also, I wish I could eat peanut butter cups, but I can’t. Can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t.


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