Classy Lady

Cake Woman wanted some photos of herself for Christmas cards and such. Since I don’t have a walking around camera anymore I haven’t been taking brazilians of photos of late, so I jumped at the chance to get out the big camera (just a D30, really, so don’t get all excited) and take some pictures. Plus, I don’t usually get to take pictures of people besides Noah, and I never take staged photos of people. It was a whole new world of photography — albeit one within the realm of portraiture, which is more of a craft than anything.

Miss Cake Woman wants to vet them before I put anything on the internets, so that means that I will have a secret folder of them somewhere. None of them are nudie pics, folks, so put your pants back on, or at least return both hands to the keyboard and mouse. Perverts.

I promise that there will be more photos later, most of them flying the bird. If you would like to have me take pictures of you flying the bird, please let me know. Please note that in compensation I got couscous, wine, beer, and good cheer. Also, mini peanut butter cups.

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