I Wish That I Still Had That Email

Hell, I wish that I still had that website. Back in 1994 or 1995 I had a proto-blog until someone sent me an email calling me a “self-absorbed pathetic loser.” Instead of replying, I just deleted everything. You know how you can never come up with a response to something right away, but ten years later you suddenly think of the coldest burn ever while washing your nuts in the shower?

Seriously, if you could help me out, I haven’t yet come up with a good response.

5 Responses to “I Wish That I Still Had That Email ”

  1. “Thanks.”

  2. Top 5 totally workable and partially applicaple

    5. who me?
    4. I’m rubber (etc)
    3. liar liar (etc)
    2. did you mention food?
    1. I know!

  3. hey miss thang, change my icon to something else. Maybe a red question mark, or better yet the moon image from my web site


  4. Shooby: done!

  5. /howls

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