One down, three to go

I just finished the eagerly anticipated “Linear Algebra and Differential Equations” final. In one and a half hours I will be restraining myself from throttling Professor Voyles, who somehow found a way to make me hate computers and programming. Good job, jerk!

At the very least, I had a very relaxing day of studying, which was cut unfortunately short when I noticed that my Linear Suffering and Differential Despair final was at 1:30, not the normal class time of 3:30. Ugh. I barely had time to cram two slices of Snap! pizza into my mouth (near perfect crust!) into my mouth before Cake Woman drove me to school and threw me out of her moving car. This time I didn’t get any bruises.

So. Yeah.

3 Responses to “One down, three to go ”

  1. you should be throttling you-know-who instead of professor voyles…


  2. “What are those elves doing to that lady?”
    “They’re dwarves, Hank.”

  3. Don’t be a slacker, wrap your whacker.

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