Our State Fair is a great State Fair!

Oops, that's the Iowa state fair. I think that Minnesota's fair is called “the Great Minnesota Get Together“. My mom's husband calls it “the Great Goddamnit, Why Did They Book Boston?” The music from the grandstands carries into the surrounding neighborhoods. At least Lynnard Skynnard was unable to torment Saint Paul with endless “Free Bird” solos. I wonder if anyone shouted “Free Bird!” to their replacement.

Melissa and I went to the fair together, and we had a terrific mini-donuts. Time! I mean time! We had a great time! We also had roasted corn, Pronto Pups and fried cheese curds. I was tempted by the breaded fried lard, but Melissa talked me down.

I couldn't go to an event as spectacular as the State Fair without a camera, so I packed the Canon S30. I only took 256 pictures, since we were only there for five or six hours, and I only had one battery for the power-mad S30.

If you are going to the fair, please use the park 'n' ride sytem of shuttles. You can pay $2 and get a $3 coupon or catch a free shuttle and not get a $3 coupon. We opted for the free shuttle a mere half mile from my house. On the ride back we enjoyed the luxurious splendour of a charter bus - entertainment was even provided!

A half dozen “urban youths” took the back few rows over. The joyful sounds of beatboxing and freestyling filled the air, interspersed with trash talking and quotes from Friday. Most of the folks around us tightened their grip on their children and trembled, but Melissa and I were cracking up. In retrospect we should have gone to the back of the bus to kick it. Oh well.

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