You’re Supposed To Lean The Other Way

I forgot to mention that Cake Woman was ripping ass in the booth and aiming them at me. She’s so very classy!

The part that really makes me laugh is that the other night I let a loud one go for shits and giggles, and she turned to me and said earnestly:
“Whoa, you never fart!”

That statement was so ludicrous that it almost couldn’t be a joke. Have I been holding them that well? Well then, time to let loose and deflate my midsection. It will be nice to wear smaller pants.

11 Responses to “You’re Supposed To Lean The Other Way ”

  1. OH MY GOD. Last night, in a room full of friends and family I had the worst farts ever and I couldn’t bring myself to just rip it all night.

  2. ssssssssssssskrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  3. chicks don’t fart.

  4. They don’t poop either.

  5. Only skeazy stoners fart…

  6. Oh good lord, what are you all, three years old? Oh, wait, even my three year old knows that farts are funny and you should rip them all the time.

  7. I don’t fart because I’m the lady.

  8. Farts are funny.

  9. Yes they are. I might be farting right now.

    I’m not afraid to work brown.

  10. stan doesn’t let things like “company over” phase him –*OR* his farts.

    stan is fun.

  11. I’ll refer you to the replies to ‘what do I say when people criticize my blog for being childish, scatological, introverted drivel.’

    add a zero item 0. ‘I can top it’.

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