Duele la realidad. Duele!

I thought that Melody would like this song, so I let her hear it. I know that she likes to read the lyrics, but they are in spanish, so I ran it through google’s translate tools. Then I cleaned it up some more, since I find deciphering stuff fun. Anyway, here you go.


Amores Perros by Control Machete

Suficientes son los problemas de un solo dia
como para preocuparse por el futuro
Olvidamos que para poder llegar al otro lado
Al otro lado
hay que empezar derribando el primero de los muros
Nos pasamos la vida
viendo triunfos y fracasos
conseguidos en tiempo pretérito
Cuantas veces se ha detenido el sol
a mediodia?
Porque ya no quiere vivir mas atardeceres
Cuantas veces?
Porque ya no quiere vivir mas amaneceres
El negro sera de ser negro sin el blanco
El bueno deja de ser bueno sin el malo
Continua repetitiva que constantemente termina
Vuelve a empezar de nuevo da fruto a la semilla
Porque envejeces?, porque tu piel se va arrugando
el paso del tiempo una broma te esta jugando
Sabes que la codicia puede dejarte en la ruina
Quieres solucionarlo?
Borrarlo de tu vida
De perros amores
Borrarlo de tu vida
De perros amores
Borrarlo de tu vida
Si alguna vez
si alguna vez
si alguna vez
si alguna vez
Amanece el alma
atardece en ti
Amanece el alma
atardece en ti
Accion es en real voluntad
sensacion la velocidad
fe e ilusion orgánica
Coincidencia armonica
No existe ningún borrador magico para borrar todos los errores cometidos.
Que pasaria si las flores solo se marchitarán? o solo se quedaran como botones.
Duele la realidad duele
La fantasia solo se queda en los suenos
Que pasaria si nunca muero?
y no tuviera la oportunidad de nacer de nuevo.
Amanece el alma
Vuelve otra vez, aparece
atardece en ti
desapareces te vas y vuelves


Love’s a Bitch by Control Machete

Sufficient they are — the problems of a single day without worrying about the future.
We forgot that to be able to arrive at the other side — to the other side.
it is necessary to first begin by demolishing the walls
Our life passed seeing triumphs and failures obtained in times past.
What times has the sun ever stopped at noon?
Because no longer it wants to live but sets.
What times?
Because no longer it wants to live but dawns.
Black does not exist as black without the white
Good does not exist as good without the white
Continuously repeating that constantly finishes
It returns to begin gives fruit again to the seed
Because you age, because your skin is wrinkled
the passage of time is playing a joke on you
You know that the greed can lead to ruin
You want to solve it?
To erase it from your life
Of dogs loves
To erase it from your life
Of dogs loves
To erase it from your life
If sometime
if sometime
if sometime
if sometime
The soul dawns
It sets in you
The soul dawns
It sets in you
Action is in real will
The sensation of velocity
Natural faith and illusion
Harmonious coincidence
Is there no magic spell to erase all the errors committed?
What passes if the flowers only wither?
Or if they only remain as buds.
The pain of reality, the pain!
Fantasy only remains in the dreams
What passes if I never die?
and I did not have the opportunity to be born again.
The soul dawns
It returns again, appears
It sets in you
You appear you go away and you return

4 Responses to “Duele la realidad. Duele! ”

  1. Oh, no! I am too lame to say heart!


  2. That is one of the best songs ever created. You would also probably like their song “Dame el Poder” or “Gimme da Power” or something like that…..

  3. porquito: I have that song too.

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