I Could Be Drunk Right Now

So, if I would have gone to Wisconsin, I would have come home reasonably sober. Instead I spent a good part of the evening at Mortimers — but there was no foosball for me. :/

Oh well, so be it, at least I didn’t have to pay for any booze. None at all! Hooray!

Also, I should not forget that I need to record all of Nova.

3 Responses to “I Could Be Drunk Right Now ”

  1. Maybe you should go to Wisconsin for a Tuesday.

  2. You should go just to visit your grandparents. Tell them how your dad shafted you. Maybe they’ll give you money!!! And cookies.

  3. Money and cookies!

    Go visit your grandparents. Take a friend to keep you company on the long drive and show the cardboard fireplace to.

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