Lazy Monday


The Chronic What Cles of Narnia!

Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious!

Lisa and I went to Narnia for the evening, since we had both spent our youths there. I don’t usually give star ratings to movies, but 4 and 1/2 applies here. It was technically flawless (as far as I could tell) but it didn’t quite capture that “I wish that I could escape from my shitty life into a magic world where I am destined to be a king and stuff” kind of feeling that I always had as a kid. Maybe I’m just jaded.

10 Responses to “Lazy Monday ”

  1. Her hair is fucking rad. She has the best nose ever.

  2. Have you ever had Turkish Delight?

    Being a fatty who loves candy, I can say that it is incredibly delicious.

  3. There’s a Nestle candy that is quite popular in Canada called the Big Turk bar, which is Turkish Delight with a chocolate shell. Amazingly good.

    Jesse doesn’t like gummy candy though.

    Also, be forewarned, Turkish delight is flavoured with rose and varies greatly from candy maker to candy maker. I bought some in England that was the nastiest shit ever.

  4. P.S. her hair = shitlocks.

  5. I dunno, it’s not the right color for dookey rolls. Unless we’re talking a whole lot of bran.

    And, yeah, it is rose flavored. Sometimes you can find it cut up with little nuts and powdered sugar and it’s pretty decent, but I like the chocolate covered stuff.

  6. “He turned you in…for sweeties!”

    rose “flavoured” english candy = the nAHsty :)

  7. I wouldn’t put anything British… in my mouth…


    I mean, except for beer.

  8. *insert shagadelic austin powers tune*

  9. But rose flavored stuff is so tasty! Like rose tea! It’s awesome. It’s like drinking flowers.

    I would turn my sister in for sweeties.

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