Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!


The whole “biweekiversary” thing started as a joke, but it got out of control pretty quickly. Things escalated, cards were given, and cakes were baked.

I brought the cake to work, and there was some questioning whether it was a cake of celebration or letting down — the question being if the suffix should be “hooray” or “and that’s all you get, fucker.” Really, the proper appendation would be “thus far,” because Cake Woman is really fit, she’s fit, but my gosh don’t she know it.

7 Responses to “Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too! ”

  1. wait wait wait… why is she wearing only a towel? what were you kids doing? EARMUFFS

  2. Women in towel (check). Cake (check). Streets reference (check). Yeah, I have nothing to say for ways to improve this post. Maybe a panda, or a pinata, but I’m just throwing those out there.

    My vote goes for, “that’s all you get, fucker.” Mostly because it sounds funnier.


  3. Panda!

  4. Paul: she takes a shower after getting off of work.

  5. She takes a shower after getting off?


  6. mmm…choco-cake
    *cookie monster snarfing noises*

  7. Blogging is SOOOOOOOOOO 2005!

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