Welcome to Iowa

I have to go to Iowa to help my grandparents move on Saturday. I hope that I am accidentally shot before I get there.

9 Responses to “Welcome to Iowa ”

  1. You know… anything can be “arranged”

  2. I call dibs!

  3. Oh, shit. Are you taking anyone with you?

    Are you going to have to see your dad?

  4. No, my dad lives in Wisconsin, this is the other side of the family.

  5. chik-chik

  6. BOOM!

  7. I’ll poison you in your sleep.


  8. I should note, that it may go awry; resulting in me poisoning the love of your life and you delcaring a blood feud on me.


  9. Thomas, you missed your window when I was taking a nap after work.

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